Andis Professional Bonnet Hair Dryer Review

Not A Beauty School Dropout

I LOVED the movie Grease as a kid, and I’ve probably watched the Beauty School Dropout Scene 50 times over! I thought the costumes were hilarious, and the Teen Angel was basically the best. Anyway, in that scene they have women dancing around wearing head covers that are supposed to look like the ones you wear when you’re getting your hair done in a salon. They inflate and basically look like the world’s strangest shower caps.

The Andis Professional Bonnet Dryer has that same look. Not only can I get my hair dried while I wear it, but I can also sing Beauty School Dropout and make all my childhood dreams come true.
Okay, so there’s more to it than just a fun accessory for singing and dancing.

You CAN Take It With You

This bonnet does more or less the same thing as the fixed ones that come on poles, but it’s more portable. This means you get the drying power from it you also get from the fixed models, but you can sit on the couch and use it as opposed to being stuck at the table or in the bathroom. I like the idea of my hair drying without a lot of effort for me, but I like that I can be super comfortable while it’s working even more.

Get Your Roll On

Like hard bonnets you can wear this one with rollers on so your hair dries with waves already in it. You get hair with full body, but you don’t have to work so hard to get there.

There is a plastic piece that connects the hose to the bonnet, but it doesn’t stay put as well as it should. The plastic is not very heavy duty, so it could snap off if it isn’t kept in the right position at all times. This could be a problem if you’re not aware of it however, you are now!

Not As Big As The Fixed Options

You won’t get as much usability as far as size is concerned on a product like this one unfortunately. Short of putting a drawstring on the cap, there is almost no way to make it one-size-fits all. It’s going to be tight on people with larger heads, and it probably won’t work as well with the huge rollers you can get away with on fixed bonnets.

Wish It Were Perfect

I have an image in my head of sitting on the couch with the remote next to me, my computer on my lap, typing away while the bonnet does the work for me. While we’re not that far off from that, I’m not sure it will really do the trick because it still has a quirk that makes it fragile. I’m going to keep it on my short list though because I’m excited about the prospect of it.

If you’re thinking about it too, I don’t blame you! Give it a shot.