BaBylissPro Portofino Nano Titanium Blow Dryer Review

Motoring For The Long Haul.

I once had a blow dryer I liked a lot. It didn’t do everything I needed as far as getting my hair straight and keeping it that way goes, but it did dry quickly without too much heat, and it had the right amount of power so I could do more with less. It was compact, could travel with me and did as much as I thought a dryer could do.

When it died I thought I just needed to flip the GFI in the bathroom, but that didn’t work. I plugged it in other places, and still nothing. I went to my hairstylist and told her, and she said it sounded like the motor just died.

Anyway, I didn’t want to buy another one even though I liked it because it was expensive and died really quickly. I started the hunt for a dryer that’s proven to last longer and has the technology to back up the “longevity” claims. The BaBylissPro Portofino 6600, a nano titanium ionic hair dryer with 2000 watts of power does just that.

Not Fond Of Babies

Ok, I like human babies I just haven’t had a good experience with “Baby”-liss products in the past, and this kind of makes me feel like the odd one out. Everyone I know who knows hair products love their Babyliss gadgets, but I’ve had more than one from them that just didn’t get my hair straight enough. I’m hoping this hairdryer is the exception to “my” rule.

Motoring Love

The Portofino 6600 has a long-lasting motor that won’t die after a short amount of time. That’s enticing because I don’t want to invest big money in a blow-dryer to have it do what my last one did. The motor is an Italian AC type (the quiet pro option!) that is guaranteed to last a long time. I’m listening Babyliss!

Heat Options In Ample Supply

With six different options for heat there are plenty of choices for getting the right amount of heat on your hair. In the past some of the dryers I’ve had have only given me “high” and “low,” and the low setting never seemed to have enough power to do anything other than dry a few strands very slowly. I was forced to use it on high all the time which probably didn’t help with the frizzies. Six different options make it way more flexible and allow me to pick the right amount of power for my super long locks.

Take It Cold

There are a lot of reasons to use cold air on your hair instead of hot. If you have especially frizzy hair, using the cold feature can actually help you contain frizz. I have tried it both ways, and it doesn’t usually make a huge difference for me because I use a flat iron afterwards. That being said this one can still do the cool shot of air you need, but you’ll have to hold the button down to keep it coming before switching back to hot.

Concentration Options

There are two attachments you can get for your hair dryer that are the most commonly used. Diffusers are bigger devices that spread the hair among your style rather than target it on small, circular areas like the barrel of the dryer does naturally.

Other than that, the more commonly used attachments are concentrators. These are the strange looking things stylists have on the end of their hair dryers that push the air through a small slit at the end. Concentrators help when you’re trying to control the amount of body you get in your hair, and they can stop that wild frizz.

This dryer comes with both a diffuser and three different sized concentrators. That’s a whole lot of flexibility to add to your style, so it’s possible to get different looks by just changing out the cover on the blower.

Rethinking Baby Again

I love that this dryer comes with options and has a motor that is specially designed to work for a long time, and I’m really thinking if I should give Babyliss another Portofino shot.