Elchim 2001 High Pressure Dryer Review

Award Winning Hair Dryers? What Is This World Coming To?

I never knew there was such a thing as an award winning blow dryer. I guess it makes sense considering how many magazines rank their favorite products every year, but I didn’t realize manufacturers wore it as a badge of honor.

I know how hard it can be to find the right hair dryer, and some of you reading this review will already have done some research. Nonetheless, for those of you who are finding it hard to know where to start, an award winning model isn’t such a bad place to begin.

The Elchim 2001HP High Pressure Hair Dryer packs 2000 Watts is one such celebrated appliance. Several magazines have given it accolades for the amount of power it pumps out along with the speed with which it dries hair. Those are just two good things included, but the perks go further than that.

Won’t Weigh You Down

The 2001HP is lightweight which means it gives your arm a break while you’re holding it above your head. My hair is long and thick, and it takes a long time to dig through it with a hair dryer. By the time I’m done using my old fashioned blower, my arm feels like it’s going to fall off. It’s a good thing I’m ambidextrous because I can get away with switching hands. Otherwise… owww!

This dryer won’t give you quite as big a problem unless you spend hours upon hours blow drying. It’s not that light that you’ll accidentally break it, but it is light enough so you don’t have to worry about suffering discomfort while using it.

Hush Now!

My husband and I work different schedules. I have to be in super early and he is usually at work pretty late. That makes it tough to use my blow dryer in the morning without disturbing him. I like having clean, dry hair before I leave for work but I hate that it’s so flipping noisy to dry. This blow dryer has been commended for the fact it’s so quiet which means I would no longer have to disappear across to the other side of the house.

The Power Pays Off

If you’re looking for the kind of power that will dry your hair quickly this might be the dryer for you. Aside from the fact that it’s small and lightweight, it packs a lot of punch. People with hair like mine say that they can get their hair dried in just a few minutes which is a massive improvement on the 45 minutes it takes me now.

Not Quite Smooth Moves

This dryer is supposed to be able to get every hair type very smooth without having to use another tool, but that’s not always the case. People like me have learned to ignore statements like that because when your hair is thick with the tendency to get bigger than big, no dryer that adds volume to your hair is going to keep it from frizzing. That being said, it doesn’t cause as much frizz as a typical or low end dryer.

Price Is Almost Right

I think I’m just spoiled by the price of inexpensive hair dryers, but the cost of this one gives some sticker shock. It’s not as much as some super high end dryers, but it definitely gets close. It’s certainly not the top of the line as far as price is concerned, but it’s also not the $30 to $50 I’m used to. What I will say is I don’t think it’s overpriced considering the amount of power you get, and the time it saves.

Don’t Be Cold…

Well you can’t be even if you want to. A lot of people really like the cold button on their hair dryers, so the fact this doesn’t have one is a bit of a negative. Whether you’ve made use of one before or not it can be really valuable when you’re trying to get specific styles, and they’re great for very thick hair (hence the reason why I always look for this type of setting).

Whole Hearted But Not All Heated

Personally, this dryer isn’t a model I’ll put on my shopping list. However, for those of you who want power, fast drying time and next to no frizz this is one of the better options I’ve come across. Sure, you can’t base everything on the fact it has been awarded “allure best” from “life and style”. However, considering it carries this prestigious “label” and the manufacturer offers a lifetime guarantee I think it’s worth a closer look.