Hot Tools 1059 Tourmaline Hooded Salon Dryer Review

The Ultimate In Laziness In The Brightest Of Colors

I wish I was less superficial but I’m not. I am much more likely to buy things that have pretty colors than those that come in a basic color. It makes no sense because the color almost never impacts the performance of a device, but I am a sucker for jewel tones and neon’s’. So imagine my joy when I found the Hot Tools Tourmaline 1059 Ionic Portable Salon Dryer which not only dries hair while you sit around and do OTHER THINGS, but it’s also PINK!

Okay, the whole thing isn’t pink. A lot of it is black and shiny, but I think pink and black are so pretty together. However, when you go beyond the design there is a lot to make it worth trying.

Smooth Thanks To Tourmaline

I’ve figured out that tourmaline helps keep your hair healthy even if it doesn’t directly touch the strands. In the case of a dryer like this it isn’t going to touch your hair, but it does use tourmaline technology to safely put moisture into your hair so the higher temperatures don’t fry your locks. I have been that lady with singed hair before, so anything I can do to keep it safer is a big deal.

Half The Time

The most enticing thing about this bad boy is it dries hair in half the time. Half the time would mean almost no time for me, and I’m always in a rush. If I could dry quickly without having to actively do anything with my hands it’s totally worth the money.

Keeps Things To A Buzz

I like my quiet. I don’t like devices that are loud AT ALL. The 1059 is very quiet unless you’re sitting directly under it, and even then it’s not that bad. If it can dry my hair in relative silence I’m totally on board.

Not Enough Strength In The Pole

One of the more common issues that I’ve realized with dryers like this is the at-home models don’t seem to have enough strength in the pole that holds them upright. In general they’re flimsy and prone to breaking. Unfortunately, this one is no different.

Don’t get me wrong, a lot of people are incredibly happy with this dryer and the way it’s designed. However, in situations where the pole has snapped it appears to be because of the way it’s carried or moved (so that’s something to watch out for).

Extreme Heat

There are two heat settings on this dryer which is pretty standard for products of this caliber. However they are drastically different, and some people find that neither is right for them at all. The low setting might be too cool for most hair types, and the hot setting can get VERY hot.

If you have hair that can’t tolerate a lot of heat this might not be the dryer for you. If you’re a little more resilient, or your hair does well without setting under a lot of heat you’ll be just fine. I’m not sure if I fall into that category, but I’m definitely paying attention now.

Big Enough Change For The Change?

At just over $100 this is definitely a lower priced alternative which is a big deal when you’re looking to save a few bucks. It has a common and frustrating problem in that the arm can’t always stand the pressure that will be put on it. Other than that I think it might be a workable and lower priced alternative to other options which are far more expensive.

If you want the kind of “set-it-and-forget-it” power from your dryer this might very well be the option for you.