Laila Ali Salon Ionic Dryer Review

Take A Trip Through The Ring For Great Hair

It never occurred to me that I would consider buying hair products that have been constructed by a boxer, but I guess anyone can have a knack for good style! Laila Ali is daughter to the iconic Mohammad Ali, and she has been around the ring a few times herself. As far as female boxers go, she is pretty much top.

She’s also super pretty, so she probably knows a thing or two about getting your hair under control. When I saw that she had a product (or more) on the market I definitely wanted to find out more.

Get Dry Without The Effort

I love the idea of a table top dryer that literally moves around me while I do something else. I could be writing emails or getting back to clients while I sit and have my hair done. Even with my super long hair, I could sit and get the style I want without moving around. I’m totally on board even if it takes a little bit longer.

Coarse Hair? Of Course!

If you have thick and coarse hair that can be difficult to get under control, (and I feel your pain) the LADR5603 Salon Ionic Dryer by Laila Ali could very well be the tool for you. You can throw your hair into curlers or put on styling products while you watch your favorite shows, and let the dryer work its magic.

Get Shiny

Even though this isn’t a traditional blow dryer, it still has negative ion technology that will counteract frizz while still piling on the shine. You don’t even need a huge amount of product to make it happen. You just need some patience and a power outlet.

Save The Space

My biggest concern with having a dryer like this is I won’t have a place to put it. I don’t want it sitting out in my bathroom all the time because I like to keep my spaces clean, but I want to be able to use it whenever. What’s the answer? Collapsible! It folds up on itself so it’s easier to store and doesn’t take up a huge amount of space, but you can still get to it when you need it.

The Price Is What?

Am I being told I can get this kind of convenience for less than $50? Apparently I am because that’s what this bad boy costs. Most of the others I’ve seen like this come in at way over $100 or even $200.


I have used a lot of products like this at the salon, and I remember it being hard to hear because they’re over my ears but not because they were particularly loud. This one comes in at way more decibels than it should. I don’t want a headache after styling my hair, and I hate noise. I’ll say, “no thanks” to jet engine sounds in my bathroom.

Le Sigh

I was excited by the price and the face behind the product, but it just doesn’t have the follow through to back up all the excitement. After all as you probably know, my hair is thick and coarse and while this dryer can handle that it just doesn’t do it quietly enough for me.

If you want to give it a shot because the price is just THAT good for what you get, push the button below and make it yours.