Panasonic Nano-e Hair Dryer Review

Up Your Style Factor With Something WEIRD

I like things that look weird. In fact, most people find the décor in my home a little “out there”. It’s just a quirk of mine, but I prefer to be someone who has their own sense of style no matter how strange it may seem to others.

Anyway, when I see something that does the same thing as other devices and looks weird while doing it, I’m almost instantly on board. So you probably know what happened when I saw the Panasonic Nano-e Hair Dryer EH-NA95-RP. This thing is WEIRD looking! It looks like a duck mixed with an alien death ray, and I LOVE IT. More than that, it’s HOT PINK. It also comes in a more muted pink and white if you’re not on board with Fuchsia.

Anyway I won’t buy a dryer just because of the way it looks, no matter how space age-y it is, so I want to make sure this thing ticks all the right boxes before I drop some major dollars on it.

Get It Straight

I have never found a hair dryer that leaves my hair as straight as my flat irons do. I know that’s because they serve different purposes, but I would really like to reduce down to one tool for everything. This blow dryer is great for getting your hair dry and under control. It also SMOOTHS. I have never had a blow dryer that can smooth my thick hair. Color me excited!

Settings Beyond Just On And Off

I have seen blowers with temperature settings and dryers with power settings, but I have never seen one with different settings for different uses. You tell the unit what you’re going to be drying, and it adjusts the heat based on that mode. If you’re drying your hair, you can put it on the right setting for that. If your hair is more sensitive to heat, there’s a setting for that. If you’re using it for setting a face mask, you can pick the option that won’t burn your face off. Pretty clever huh?

Fold It Up

I take my hair tools with me when I travel, so I try to get some that are small so they don’t take up too much room. This one does the trick because it actually folds right up. The handle folds into the bottom of the barrel and makes the already compact packaging even more so. This is yet another plus in my book.

Save Some Time – Really!

The way this dryer disperses air means you can save as much as 20 minutes on your traditional drying time. Since it only takes me 30 minutes to get my hair dry enough to iron, that means I could be done in 10 minutes which is crazy (in a good way)!

It also makes hair straight and smooth enough that I don’t have to iron it, which is another big coup. I could be down to ten minutes from shower to out the door with perfect hair. No flippin way!

Better For Thick Hair

This is one of those tools that has the power you need for long, thick hair but probably too much to use with fine hair. If your hair doesn’t take long to dry naturally, there isn’t a whole lot of point in investing that much in a blow dryer. You just won’t see the benefit of it.

But if you’re like me and can end up spending way too much of your precious time trying to get your hair in order, this dryer is probably just the ticket. At more than $150, you want to make sure this is the right hair dryer for you before you move forward with spending the money.