Pibbs Kwik Dri 514 Hooded Hair Dryer Review

Get Amazing Style While Reading or Watching TV

Okay. I’m floored. Like, really. I can’t believe it! Ok, it might not be that big a deal, but did you know it’s possible to get hair dryers you sit under at the beauty salon for your house?! I mean, professional style dryers like the stereotypical image you see of women getting their hair done. Could I dry my hair at home while I’m getting work done and end up looking gorgeous without really moving?

I’m good at doing my hair, but that doesn’t mean I like having to do it. Time spent on my hair is time spent not doing things I really need to get done, and that’s irritating to over achievers like myself. I don’t want to look like a hobo, but I’d be way happier if I didn’t have to spend a lot of time working to get the non-hobo look.

The Pibbs 514 Kwik Dri Dryer is a home product that gives you the same power as the ones you get at the salon. The unit isn’t as large, and it comes on a stand rather than sitting on a chair base, but it’s still a usable tool that can make it less labor intensive when trying to achieve the style you want.

Just Relax

If you get your hair done all the time or have a relaxer in it, then something like this is perfect for getting the style that you want. And best of all, you won’t be covering it in direct and dangerous heat that can fry your locks. Instead of paying someone else to keep doing your hair it’s possible to have pretty much the same set-up at home. Basically you pay one time to maintain your hair style rather than paying every week or two weeks at the salon, which makes a huge difference to the weight of your wallet.

Lets You Do The Washing

My mom has never been able to do her own hair. Either I do it or she goes to the salon every week. For whatever reason, it’s not a skill she has. This means she does not wash her own hair very often (that’s a job left to the ladies at the salon, or me).

There are some people who can get away with washing their hair infrequently, but I think my mom should be able to wash and dry her hair whenever she wants. This hair tool is a major step in the right direction, even if it takes an extra hour out of her day.

Drying Goes Round

There are two kinds of dryers like this that have different purposes. For people who have perms or deep conditioning treatments, you need the type of dryer that blows straight down. For people who use rollers and want their hair to dry that way, you need the circular hair dryer. That’s what this one is, so people who set their hair for long term curl will like it a whole lot.

Not For Those Who Are Running Late

This is not the kind of dryer that will let you quickly do your hair and run out the door. No! This is a procedure that takes much more time than that. You will likely need an hour or more of either relaxing or typing away on your computer while the dryer works its magic. It doesn’t require a lot of activity, but it does need time. However, according to advocates of this particular model it does the trick in a lot less time than similar appliances.

Think It Through Before Dropping A Pretty Penny

This isn’t the cheapest hair dryer on the market. In fact, it costs more than $300 so it’s not something you should buy for casual use. If you’re going to use it to the point where it saves you a lot of money over going to the salon and a lot of time drying your hair, I think it’s a great buy. It’s the best bonnet dryer I’ve seen so far.