Remington Silk Ceramic Ionic AC Hair Dryer Review

I Want Straight Hair But Please Don’t Eat My Head!

When I was a kid my mother had a shirt she LOVED. She used to talk about it all the time and she would wear it for special nights out. I remember it being long and very flowing, and I remember her talking about it being silk ALL the time.

That’s what I think of when hear the word silk. Well, either that or spiders! I don’t think about silk when you’re referencing hair dryers though. The Remington Ac9096 Silk Ceramic AC Hair Dryer however, actually uses silk to help you get smooth and frizz-free hair which is something I think everyone wants from their blower.

Silky Smooth How?

The grill on this hair dryer is coated in silk proteins that are infused into the air from the blower, and in combination with ionic technology it helps create a head of hair that’s sleek and smooth. The silk materials go on top of a more traditional ceramic plate or grill, and by working together they help get your style under control.

Silk No Matter The Style

Whether you’re trying to get big, full curls or understated straight locks the AC9096 has the ability to do it all. Instead of having one or the other this dryer comes with the ability to switch between a diffuser and a concentrator– both of which come within the same box. If you’re trying to get curls, you can go with the diffuser. Sleek, straight looks will be a result of the concentrator.

Talk About Ow!

One of the most important parts of painless drying is entirely left off this device. Most dryers have some kind of covering over the air intake to ensure the blower takes in air and nothing else. This one does not have that, so it’s much more likely to pull your hair in and rip it out of your head while you’re using it. Although this is a pretty painful problem it can be avoided if you’re careful.

It has Its Flaws

Ok, so the style you can create with this hair dryer goes beyond what many other models do in this price range, but if you have long, thick hair the issue I mentioned above will probably affect you more than others. That’s the main reason I’ve decided not to put this one on my short list.

Despite the flaws, a price of just under $50 is not bad for a tool that’s capable of not just drying your hair, but curling or straightening it as well.