Revlon RV473 Perfect Volumizing Turbo Hair Dryer Review

Diffuse Your Hair With Your Fingers-Almost

One thing I have never needed in my hair is extra volume. My mother is always trying to find ways to build life into her hair since hers is the exact opposite to mine. My hair comes in one size when it’s not properly styled: BIG! It never occurred to me there are dryers out there to “pump up the volume”, but it does make sense.

The Revlon RV473 Perfect Heat Volumizing Hair Dryer is designed just for that, and it has an attachment you can use that will put more body and pizzazz into your style than a regular diffuser will. Even better, at just over $20 it doesn’t have to be perfect to be worth every single penny.

Use Your Hands

Alright, you don’t really want to do that while you’re using a hot blow dryer, but the attachment that comes with this is called a finger diffuser and I think it’s really cool. It has little teeth that go into your hair (unlike a regular diffuser), and you use them to get the ions right in there while you’re drying. If you’re not familiar with ionic technology, it helps take the frizz out while keeping the volume in and still gives you a sleek style.

Kick It Up With Turbo

While the dryer itself produces more than enough heat, there is also a turbo button that allows you to give your hair a drying boost just to finish off. This also helps if you’re in a hurry or you just don’t want to stand in the bathroom any longer. Simply make use of the turbo option and you can be on your way.

Not For Everyone

There are a lot of bountiful perks about the way this dryer works, but it’s not going to be for everyone. People like me with the biggest of hair are not going to want to put extra volume into it. More so, people with sensitive scalps are also probably going to be unhappy with it.

That isn’t to say it doesn’t work really well for some people, but the fingers on the diffuser get close to your head, allowing the hot air to do the same. Those who can’t handle the heat need to stay out of the diffuser!

Impressed But Not For Me

I like the idea of the finger diffuser, and if I needed something like that I would purchase one of these in a flash. My mom however, could probably do a heck of a job with it to boost the volume, and she doesn’t have a sensitive scalp to be concerned about. In which case, I have an idea for a birthday present (don’t tell mom!).