Sedu Revolution Pro TGR 4000i Hair Dryer Review

Reptilian-But It Will Still Get Your Hair Dry

I’ve talked plenty before about my love of weird things. Every now and then I see an item that looks like a funky version of a past product, and I want to have it right away because it’s so bizarre. I’m not sure it’s a good way to do things but what can I say, it’s the way I work.

The Sedu Revolution TGR 4000i Hair Dryer has this almost reptilian body that wraps around the more traditional interior. All it’s really supposed to do is get hot and get your hair dry, but it has a special pizazz while doing it.

Fast But Not Overly Hot

This particular blower manages to get hot enough to dry quickly but it doesn’t get too hot. Don’t ask me how, but it manages to deliver the right amount of heat without being overwhelming. This means hair dries fast but you don’t suffer crispy ends. In fact, you probably won’t need the same level of heat you do with other hair dryers.

Control Your Ions

A lot of dryers have the option to smooth your volume with extra ions, but this is the first dryer I’ve ever seen that has the ability to turn ion power on and off. I don’t need a lot of extra volume in my hair, but some styles mean I need a little extra boost of power. My mom, on the other hand always needs the volume.

Don’t Get Tangled

One problem I have with a lot of dryers is they don’t have a long cord, so I’m kind of married to the sink when I’m drying. This one has a longer cord that gives more flexibility when you dry.

Frizz Control

The heat on this one can get frizz out of your hair without making it fall flat, and the frizz control makes it much easier to dry your hair. Better yet, it’s lightweight while you do it so your arms won’t hurt while you’re drying.

Still Thinking About It

I like the extra perks this hair dryer has especially when saving time comes into play. That being said, I do think it will work better for those of you who have thick hair that takes an age to dry. The manufacturer has also thought about things like the length of cord and comfort when you use it.