T3 Micro Featherweight Luxe 2i Blow Dryer Review

The Right Amount Of Ions Means I Don’t Have To Iron

I have never liked blow drying my hair. It’s not that it’s the worst chore in the world it’s just that I have a ton of hair, and it tends to get majorly frizzy under the power of a dryer. I really want to find a dryer that will make it easier to get my hair dry without putting too much extra body into it.

What I have figured out is if I use a dryer with ionic technology I can do away with the “frizzies” without any additional work once I’m finished. Basically this technology works by producing negative ions that counteract the positive ones which is what causes frizz. Therefore I’m on the hunt for a hair dryer that will do just that because I really think ions are the key.

The Featherweight Luxe 2i Hair Dryer by T3 has the ionic technology I think my hair needs in order to stay flat after I get the right amount of air into it. It gives off a super powerful burst of ions when you turn it on, and that means my really thick hair will get what it needs to stay thick, but also not go crazy once it’s dry.

Static Free For You And Me

Most of the higher end products out there for hair care say something about “ions” or “negative ion technology”. This is basically a fancier way of saying your hair won’t carry an electrical charge. Yes, it’s sad that you aren’t able to shock your friends thanks to your blow dryer, but it means your hair will skip the “frizzies” and calm the heck down.

I didn’t realize that not all hair dryers do this, but that’s probably because I’ve never really spent much time thinking about it. I just assumed they’re all the same, but this manufacturer has made sure your hair is static free. If you want to shock your friends, you’re going to have to rub your feet on the carpet while wearing socks. You know, the old fashioned way!

I’m Not Even Sure How This Part Works

I have found a few features on this one that’s well beyond just the simple stuff most dryers have, and this has caused some confusion for me. I thought I knew almost everything about how materials are used in hair products, but this one uses tourmaline during the drying process.

My understanding is that tourmaline in hair products comes from a covering that goes on top of a heating element and smooth’s it out. I don’t see how that applies to something that doesn’t physically touch your hair, but we’re about to find out.

Getting What You Pay For?

There are more than a few perks to this dryer, but compared to a lot of options on the market it comes in pretty high on the spectrum. At this price you have to be sure you want to dry your hair a LOT before investing in it.

What helps in this respect is the T3 is light as a feather, so if you are indeed going to use it a lot you won’t get tired. Usually when you’re trying to straighten your hair you feel like you’re carrying around a ten pound weight by the time your hair is straightened, especially if you have thick hair like I do. A lighter weight dryer would be good for ensuring I can get through my hair quickly without giving myself carpal tunnel!

Careful When You’re Drying

The back of the blower (where the air is pulled in) can also pull in other things when you’re using it because it doesn’t have a guard like some models do. By other things I mean it can pull your hair in and virtually rip it out of your head. That’s no good if you’re doing your own hair and really bad if you’re doing someone else’s. I guess the answer to the problem is to be aware of it, and to take care when you’re using it.

Spinning Wheels

Okay, It isn’t a wheel that spins. The dryer has a diffuser on the front. Usually when you attach your own device, it stays put so you get the same angle on your hair every time. The one that comes with this dryer isn’t fixed, it spins when it’s attached. This means if you touch it to anything it moves and can be hard to control. It’s not a deal breaker, but it can be inconvenient although as they say, practice does make perfect.

Get Feathered Bangs With Featherweight

I like a lot of things about this dryer, and I don’t think the investment is huge considering the technology included is pretty much state of the art. I would love to go from wet hair to straightened locks without having to wrestle all the static out of my hair, and do it quickly.
I’ll keep it on my short list, but not at the highest level because even though the price seems fair it’s a little above my comfort zone.