Turbo Power 3200 Twin Turbo Dryer Review

A Blow Dryer That Can Save Me From Myself?!

I can’t be the only person who has burned herself on a hair dryer. I know I’m an especially clumsy person, but that doesn’t mean I’m the only one in the world who manages to singe my scalp on a blower. I’ve also burned my hands (although that one may just be a side effect of my clumsiness).

Anyway, in my search to find the right dryer I wanted to see if there was one that’s built to protect people like me from burning our scalps. What I’ve found is some of them like the Turbo Power 3200 Hair Dryer are designed to stave off over heating, and keep everything in place so you don’t burn yourself or anyone else.

Built For Safety

This blower has a device in it that stops it from overheating. This means that whatever level you set the blow dryer on, it won’t get above the temperature you’ve set. With as many options as it has for temperature the fail safe is probably a good idea. More than that, it’s going to help people like me who can hurt themselves in an empty room!

Set The Temperature AND The Power

In the past dryers I’ve had include high and low settings, but that’s about it. They haven’t had the added perks of also being able to adjust the temperature. My hair is long and thick, so I need the higher power to get enough warm air on my hair. That being said, my mom has very short hair that is still thick, but not nearly as big as mine. Therefore she needs a low speed.

Power controls just aren’t enough though. If you consider that my mom can’t put more than 300 degrees on her hair, and I need much closer to 400 a one size fits all dryer needs to be flexible. I have to be able to pick my setting or I’m going to fry my hair or someone else’s.

Concentrated Like Orange Juice

Okay maybe not, but it does have two concentrators you can put on the end to get a more direct air flow that is often necessary when you want a specific style. Concentrators give you control which helps eliminate frizz. The different styles of concentrator work with different hair lengths, and they make it possible to get the same amount of control no matter what kind of hair you have, or how much of it there is.

Temperature Controls Don’t Make It Hot

Even with the ability to control temperature some people say this dryer doesn’t get hot enough to begin with. Basically you can go from not hot to kind of hot, but the longer you use it in one sitting the less heat it has. This is probably something to do with making sure you don’t accidentally end up with too much heat on your hair, but it can be a little annoying for those of us that need PLENTY of it.

It’s Up To You If You Spend The Money

I’m hesitant to spend $100 on a dryer to begin with (call me “thrifty” but that’s just the way I am) plus I’m not sure enough it will provide me the heat I need. That being said, it does have a lot going for it. There’s plenty of power, it dries your hair quickly without damaging it and I’m pleased to see there are professional hairdressers who are very happy with it.